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the Why

<closing the gap>

The automotive industry is moving toward high-performance ECUs, with more and more OEMs starting to develop their own high-complexity products in-house. This enables many suppliers to be involved in a single development scene, while creating gaps in between software and system levels.

Hardware–Software Integration targets are not anymore easy to reach, System Integration and integration testing is a must for compliance with ASPICE (SYS 4).

To state it as it is, there has never been a time with more need for solid Automotive Integration Services.

the How


From Software to System, we enable projects to integrate and test software and system levels based on their needs. No project should have gaps between unit testing and testing on the actual device, or between testing on a bench setup and inside the vehicle.

Transparency is key, projects need to be always informed on the progress of our integration and testing activities. Tracking and reporting is always on-time, while performing the actual activities to support the integration process.

We come in as a fast start-up team among the many suppliers revolving around each project. Integrating new teams into projects can sometimes be a tedious process, we guarantee a modern, safe, and innovative approach.

Sustained improvement of self-managing teams enables us to guarantee your project’s integration success. We will not only be a supplier for the project, but rather become an indispensable binder that keeps all your integration steps under control.

the What

<always take on the challenge>

Supplier management – we enable our teams to be independent in terms of supplier management, purchasing hardware, trying out new electronic components, and software, including tools trials and more.

By building-up the testing environment ourselves, we ensure our teams are ready to tackle any shortcomings and challenges that may arise during the integration and testing processes.

Inventory and resource allocation needs to be done with the proper tools. We make sure our customers and their suppliers can easily access the testing environments, while keeping it under our control.

Tracking and reporting are key for our transparency goals. Our customer never misses the memos. Remote and on-site support for the development teams – our specialists are always up to a good challenge, being the binder of the integration scene, we will always have an eye for the best solutions to keep it all together.

the Who